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We would like to alert you to the upcoming deadline for abstract submissions, January 15 for the triennial Conference of the European Society of Virology in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We welcome scientists from all areas of virology, and have developed a program with a mixture of interdisciplinary sessions and specialized sessions, that should attract a diverse audience with a common interest in virology. 

   The conference provides a platform to exchange ideas through lively discussions led by session chairs and through interactive poster sessions.

   Gender balance of session chairs and speakers as well as balance of the career stage of speakers is strongly supported.

   A further attribute is inclusion of a high percentage of speakers selected from submitted abstracts, in addition to invited keynote speakers.

   There will be live recordings of This Week in Virology (TWIV) by Vincent Racaniello with preferred seating for young virologists.


The local organising committee:

Marion Koopmans, Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Ben Berkhout, Amsterdam UMC

Frank van Kuppeveld, Utrecht University

Bert Niesters, University of Groningen

Monique van Oers, Wageningen University

Wim van der Poel, Wageningen University

Marije Stofregen, Erasmus MC, Congresbureau

Monique Vernhout, Erasmus MC Rotterdam


Prof. Dr. B. Berkhout  |  Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Virology

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