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New LS2 Section Biophysics 

(former Swiss Biophysical Society)
founded in November 2019

Biophysics: Unraveling the quantitative nature of biology

Modern biology is driven by the combination of several critical technologies: Elaborate in vitro reconstitutions of biomolecular systems, an ever increasing arsenal of methodologies to perform dynamic, quantitative and structural studies not only in vitro but up to live cells and entire organisms, as well as the theoretical synthesis of the resulting data towards molecular and even system-wide modeling. The field of Biophysics encompasses the development and application of experimental and theoretical methodologies with molecular resolution from single-molecules to whole organisms. In recent years, biophysics and structural biology have been at the forefront of scientific progress, with novel developments in cryo electron-microscopy (Nobel Prize 2017 for Jacques Dubochet, UNIL, and colleagues) and single-molecule and super-resolution imaging (Nobel Prize 2014 for Stefan W. Hell and colleagues).

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