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Dear colleagues,

we kindly invite you to the Scientific Symposium “Emerging infections: Increasing preparedness by networking”, Berlin, 27th November 2018! The aim of the scientific event is to bring together experts from various disciplines in order to find a "common language" and to deepen the scientific exchange across subject areas and thus to significantly improve the preparedness for future emerging pathogens in veterinary and human medicine. To this end, the event is planned as a platform to increase collaborations of groups in basic research, e.g. evolutionary biology, population dynamics, structural biology, virology, and applied research, i.e. development of new diagnostics and potential vaccines for veterinary and human medicine.
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Would be nice to see you in Berlin,

Yours sincerely
Rainer Ulrich

*Die Bundestierärztekammer erkennt die Veranstaltung mit 9 ATF-Stunden an*