Honorary members

Prof.DR. Bernhard Fleckenstein

since 1998, dece. 2021

On the initiative of Bernhard Fleckenstein, the GfV was founded in 1990 as a separate scientific society for virology, which he then chaired as its founding president. He has had a decisive influence on the subject of virology in Germany and Europe, representing the interests of virology in many scientific committees and playing a decisive role in the founding of the "European Society for Virology (ESV)". Together with his wife Ingrid, Bernhard Fleckenstein established a foundation for Funding young virological researchers (PhD Award of Society of Virology e.V. (GfV) | Society of Virology e.V. (g-f-v.org).

 Prof. Dr Volker ter Meulen

since 2011

Volker ter Meulen was the first chairman of the GfV's Commission "Research and Young Scientists" after it was founded in 1990. He has very actively represented virology in many committees and also continuously promoted it as the longstanding president of the Leopoldina.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Harald zur Hausen

since 2013

Harald zur Hausen was on the founding advisory board of the GfV, which was established in 1990. In 2008, he received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on the etiological role of HPV in the development of cervical cancer.

Prof. Dr Reiner Thomssen

since 2003

Reiner Thomssen was the first Chairman of the Commission "Continuing Education and Training" and Director of a large microbiological and virological institute in Göttingen. Together with Wolfram Gerlich, he himself developed and produced the first HBV vaccine and used it in studies. He has represented the entire breadth of microbiology and virology extremely knowledgeably, also in clinical terms.

 Prof. Dr Hans J. Eggers

verst. 2016

Hans J. Eggers was on the founding advisory board of the GfV, which was established in 1990. He held one of the first human virology chairs in Germany in Gießen. His scientific focus was antiviral therapy and molecular biology of picornaviruses at a time when antiviral therapy was considered impossible. He was very committed as a clinical virologist and was an impressive research personality and scientific teacher.

 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Rudolf Rott

deceased 2003

Rudolf Rott was the first chairman of the newly founded Section IV "Virology" in the DGHM in 1977, which can be regarded as the predecessor organisation of the GfV. He then represented the interests of the subject of virology as founding advisor of the GfV, which was founded in 1990.

 Prof. Prof. Dr Werner Schäfer

deceased 2000

Werner Schäfer inspired groundbreaking work on avian influenza and retroviruses as a veterinary virologist. He was director at the Max Planck Institute for Virus Research in Tübingen and teacher of numerous German virologists.


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