8th European Congress of Virology

Mai 4, 2023 - Mai 7, 2023



As organizers of the 8th European Congress of Virology we warmly invite you to join  this international gathering of the European community of virologists  in Gdansk.

The congress planned for 2022 had to be postponed to 2023 due to the pandemic restrictions and will be held in Gdansk at May 4 to 7 in the same place (the Baltic Philharmonic) as it was planned for 2022.

The pandemic was a difficult time for many of us but it was also a time of great research efforts of virologists ,  enormous scientific progress and a revolution in vaccine development . Unfortunately, the present situation is also challenging but we hope for reason and peace.

ECV 2023 will be a great opportunity for European virologists representing various fields of research to meet, to present their results and to discuss all the developments in virology which happened during this unusual time. It will be also a great opportunity to meet friends, renew old acquaintances and establish new collaborations.  With support of the International Scientific Committee we strive to put together a high quality, interesting and informative programme. Although coronavirus studies will undoubtedly be one of leading subjects ECV 2023, it is very important to have all research areas represented, including basic, clinical, veterinary and plant virology.

The hosts and the conference organizer Conventus will make all efforts to organize the congress in a safe and efficient way, according to all current standards. The classical meeting format will be combined with modern technology like ePoster terminals.  The excellent meeting venue and beautiful city of Gdansk are ready to welcome you warmly in May 2023.

Gdansk is a millennium old historic city located at the Baltic coast. It is famous for its history, beautiful architecture, many museums and art galleries. Gdansk shipyard was the birthplace of “Solidarity”, the movement which started the successful thrive to bring down communism in Europe. Gdansk , together with the spa-resort city of Sopot  and the modern city of Gdynia, form ‘Tricity’ , a large metropolitan area in northern Poland. Tricity offers direct flights to and from many European cities and fast train connections to Warsaw and Cracov.

The ECV 2023 venue is the Baltic Philharmonic Music and Congress Center, located in the heart of the old city. The Center, created after thorough transformation of the former industrial building, is very modern, fully air-conditioned, has beautiful architectural design and excellent acoustic qualities. The main hall offers space for 1100 attendants. It has already been used for many major conferences including the 36th International Herpesvirus Workshop in 2011.

The 8th ECV will continue the tradition of two decades of European Virology meetings which started in Glasgow in 2000. Your participation in the 8th ECV in Gdansk will help us to make it a scientifically stimulating and socially enjoyable event.

We look forward very much to welcoming you to Gdansk for the 8th European Congress of Virology
Krystyna Bienkowska-Szewczyk and Thomas C. Mettenleiter

Conference Chairs