EMBO Workshop „ISG15 in health and disease“

Juni 1, 2022 - Juni 4, 2022



Interferon-stimulated gene 15 (ISG15) was the first ubiquitin-like protein to be discovered. As it is robustly induced by pathogen infection, its initial characterization was limited to innate immunity. It is now clear that the ISG15 system, including the conjugation machinery and the deconjugase USP18, plays key roles in other biological contexts. Patients with inborn errors in ISG15 and USP18 exhibit severe pathologies highlighting the important role of the ISG15 system in health and disease. Recent breakthroughs have revealed the physiological relevance of ISG15 in its dual roles as a cytokine and conjugation system in both mouse models and human patients, however the diversity of biological processes regulated by ISG15/USP18 as well as the mechanistic insights of its activity remain enigmatic.

This is the first meeting bringing together scientists working on ISG15, ISGylation and USP18 to foster interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration. Topics will cover the role of ISG15 system in immunity, pathogen response, cancer, genome stability and metabolism. New tools and strategies to investigate molecular mechanisms of ISG15 will be presented. The meeting will discuss the clinical implications for patients with malfunctions and mutations in ISG15, USP18 or associated molecules.

Thereby, this EMBO Workshop will provide a unique platform to create a novel scientific community with various focus and background tied together by a common interest in the ISG15 system.

Further details can be found under this link: https://meetings.embo.org/event/21-isg15-system or on the poster.

It will be the first international symposium gathering biochemist, infectious biologists and immunologist working on this innate host effector pathway.